“A Spirit of Excellence”

It says in Daniel 6:3 that Daniel distinguished himself above the others because an excellent spirit was in him. An excellent spirit means an excellent attitude. It exemplifies Christ. Excellence affects every part of our life. The Gospel gets right down to where you live. There was something different about the way he did what he did that distinguished himself from everybody else. As a result the king took notice and put him in a position over the whole kingdom. Whatever we are doing for God, we should do in a way that brings glory to Him! We don’t bow down to the culture but we influence the culture for the glory of God. Things should be presented in a way that touches hearts and changes lives. Everything we do for Christ should be done in excellence because our King is excellent and His name is excellent! God deserves the best and He’s the One we represent. We’re not here to glorify us. Our name. But we’re here to glorify Jesus Christ!