Can You Hear the Sound?

“And Elijah said unto Ahab, Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain.” God sent Elijah to Samaria where a great drought was taking place for nearly 3 1/2 years. Not a drop of rain fell from the sky because they had turned from God. When Elijah arrived in Samaria, he asked the people the question “How long shall you halt between two opinions?” He wanted them to make up their mind on whether they would continue to worship Baal or serve the Lord. Elijah then commanded them to get two bulls and instructed them to offer the first one up to Baal, and then Elijah would after take the second one (a type of Christ), and offer it unto the Lord. And he told the people that whichever one consumed the sacrifice with fire would validate which God is real and which one was a figment of their imagination.

They offered up their sacrifice and cried out to Baal but the Bible says there was no answer. So Elijah then repaired the altar of the Lord which was broken down. The altar was a type of the cross. Elijah then placed the animal sacrifice upon the altar, a type of Christ going to the Cross. Immediately after the altar was repaired, Elijah told Ahab to get up! For there is a sound of abundance of rain! The rain is a type of the Holy Spirit.

Everything that God does in the lives of His people and through the Church is by way of the Holy Spirit. The only way for the rain of the Holy Spirit to fall is for the altar to be repaired i.e. for the Cross to be preached. If you’re looking for a church that is doctrinally sound, that teaches the message of the Cross in the area (Brighton, Howell, Novi, Fowlerville, Pontiac, Fenton, etc), then we encourage you to come out to one of our services!